Batman v Superman VS Man of Steel VS Watchmen VS 300 : Movie Feuds Comic Bracket Phase1 ep2

Zack Snyder is no stranger when it comes to comic book film adaptations. He's crafted some strong and not so strong movies. On the second episode of the Movie Feuds Comic Book Bracket Adam goes over 4 more comic book flicks. The bro-fest period-piece 300 sees Gerard Butler and his small band of Spartans take on a Persian army. Watchmen blends beautiful imagery with brilliant music and storytelling. Man of Steel once more reboots Earth's protector and Batman v Superman rounds things out with some truly fantastic action but a sloppy story. The stage is set. Now it's up to you to make sure the proper movie advances to the second phase of the bracket. Vote for your winner and subscribe to stay caught up. This is more than just reviews, this is Movie Feuds!


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Special thanks to Jay for helping me out with this script!

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Source: Batman v Superman VS Man of Steel VS Watchmen VS 300 : Movie Feuds Comic Bracket Phase1 ep2

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